Traffic Lawyer in Springfield, MA

Most people with driver's licenses have received a traffic citation or ticket, and these offenses can carry long-term frustrations. Besides the hefty fines, they accrue points against your license, which puts you in danger of having it suspended or revoked. In some cases you may be able to avoid this by attending traffic school, but there are limits on how many times you can go. Even worse, your insurance rates may rise, costing you much more than just a fine on a ticket. Consulting our traffic lawyer in Springfield, MA, can keep that from happening.

The people at the Law Offices of Kevin R. Riva, A Professional Corporation believe you shouldn't have to suffer permanently because of one mistake, especially when the mistake might have been the officer's. That's why our traffic violation lawyer works hard to get you the best outcome possible. No matter what you've been charged for, you have the right to appeal the ticket.

Talk to Our Traffic Lawyer Before You Pay

Remember, once you pay that fine, you are pleading guilty. If you believe the officer who issued you the ticket was in the wrong, contact our traffic lawyer first and foremost. There is a timetable when it comes to notifying courts, and if you wait too long, you might miss your chance. This is especially crucial if you have had multiple violations, as even minor ones can add up and cause trouble for you. If you're considered a habitual offender, you could face serious suspension sentences.

If you're not sure whether you have a sound case, try our free consultation before paying the ticket. We can address your concerns and let you know your rights and whether you have grounds to be exempt from the fine. What have you got to lose? Get the information you need today.

A Quality Traffic Attorney Keeps You Independent

Your car allows you to be independent and get to work without relying on the bus system or carpooling, so losing your license could mean costly changes to your daily routine. Not only that, but some employers have policies where they terminate employees with too many or too severe traffic violations, such as a DUI. This can be devastating for you and your family, so our traffic violation lawyer is here to stop it.

We're there with you at every part of the process, including in court. We explain to the judge exactly why you don't deserve this punishment. If the judge pronounces you not guilty, you're free of paying the fine or any insurance increases. Our traffic attorney works hard to make that happen so you can have fun driving safely again.

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