Criminal Defense Attorney in Springfield, MA

Emotionally charged arguments can sometimes end with someone getting hurt or feeling threatened. These situations often end with a call to the police and accusations of domestic violence. Before you speak with the police, you need an experienced lawyer by your side. Our criminal defense attorney is available to help protect your rights throughout any proceedings. We have the knowledge to support you from start to finish. You won't have to go through the criminal justice process alone when you partner with us.

As soon as you've been accused of domestic violence, it's important to contact our criminal defense lawyer. We provide free consultations to help you make the best decisions regarding your case. Once you decide to become our client, we get right to work on building your defense. This starts with assisting you during any interviews with the police or prosecutors. You won't have to worry about incriminating yourself as we counsel you throughout the process. Get the legal representation you deserve by hiring our assault attorney today.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Helps You Understand the Process

Criminal proceedings seem to take a very long time and involve a lot of different details. Our attorneys help to boil down the jargon into straightforward assessments. This gives you a clear picture of any charges against you. We never leave our clients in the dark when it comes to their cases. Our domestic violence lawyer has helped numerous people build the best defense possible.

Domestic violence covers a wide variety of changes. It can include assault and battery, intimidation, and violation of a restraining order. We are able to represent you no matter what charges you face. Our team has the experience you can trust to build a solid defense. We always look for the best possible outcome for our clients. Protect your legal rights by partnering with our assault lawyer.

Domestic Violence Lawyer Who Is on Your Side

When you've been charged with domestic violence, it can feel like no one is on your side. That's why we take a tough but compassionate approach to your case. Our domestic violence lawyer is always supportive throughout the proceedings. You'll have the help that you need to produce the best defense possible. We've worked with clients facing everything from misdemeanor assault to felony aggravated assault and sexual assault. Depend on our team of experienced lawyers to aggressively represent you in court and any negotiations.

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