Breaking and Entering Attorney
in Springfield, MA

When you're slapped with a burglary charge, don't be afraid to exercise your right to hire a breaking and entering attorney in Springfield, MA. The Law Offices of Kevin R. Riva, A Professional Corporation have an experienced defense team who deal with burglary, theft, breaking and entering, as well as armed robbery. We also defend against related assault and battery charges if this proves necessary, and our rates are reduced for multiple cases. The legal system is a complicated one, and you want to be in the hands of someone who knows it well.

This is especially true for burglary, which can be loosely defined. You can be charged with burglary without physically breaking into a building or stealing anything. It could be as simple as walking through an unlocked door. If you had a weapon, you could be charged with armed robbery even if you never used it. In the eyes of the law, the phrase "dangerous weapon" can be used to refer to anything from a slingshot to a gun. However, our well-trained theft lawyer knows how to make these definitions work in your favor.

What Defense Can a Burglary Lawyer Make?

One common defense a burglary lawyer can make use of is consent. If the owner of a property has previously given you permission to enter, their case is weakened. Sometimes the matter is simply that of being locked outside of your own home and a neighbor thinking you're a burglar when you're not. Our well-qualified attorney can clear up these misunderstandings.

Even if the plaintiff can prove that there was a break-in, they may not have sufficient evidence to prove that you were the one who did it. Mistaken identity is a fairly common problem in breaking and entering cases. If you were intoxicated or otherwise out of control when entering, this also changes things. Schedule a free consultation and we'll fill you in on all of the options available to you.

Defend Your Rights with a Robbery Defense Attorney

Any charges of robbery, especially armed robbery, can damage your reputation and hinder job opportunities. These cases need be handled with much care, and our robbery defense attorney is certainly up to the task. Getting a charge removed from your record can make all of the difference in your future, and we don't want one act to set the course for the rest of your life. Talk to us about your choices today and we'll do whatever we can to keep you in the clear.

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